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This group is aimed to gather, enlighten, discuss and share all aspects in the speciality of Community Medicine & Public Health in all diverse health related authorities around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also aims to gather all interested medical/non-medical students, professionals, residents, specialists and consultants in this field.


  • Dr. Mohammed I. Alhefzi
  • Phone: (+966) 566 288 666
  • Email: m.i.hefzi@kfmcity.med.sa
  • Website: http://alhefzi.com

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Dr. Mohad Abdullah, MD, MPH
Absolutely AWESOME! I knew when we decided to partnered with Free[x]Style to build this site, it was going to be a success. Without them I don’t know where we’d be today.Dr. Mohad Abdullah, MD, MPH

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Community-Medicine.Net is one of a kind meetup which gather all Community Medicine / Public Health Professionals, making the largest website of its kind that holds such information. With the mixture of background, exchange of endless knowledge and continuous enlightenment; a dedicated team is set to serve this specialty and its diverse sub-specialties to cut the gap among those who seek knowledge about it.

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